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Master of Education (Capital Region) program

The Master of Education (Capital Region) program is a unique and tailored degree that has been designed to meet the needs of the profession and our region.

Tailor made for working teachers

  • The 2 Intensive Delivery Teaching Periods each year are scheduled for one week of the Autumn and Spring ACT public school holidays.
  • There are 2 teaching sessions in those weeks.
  • Participants have a choice of subjects.
  • The venue is the Hedley Beare Centre for Teaching and Learning (HBCTL) unless otherwise advised.

A Typical Teaching Period

* The complete list of unit choices is found under 'The study plan' below.

Session one
  • Educational Leadership and Change
  • Curriculum Development and Design
Session two
  • Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Education
  • Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Being and Doing
Both sessions
  • Professional Learning Capstone Portfolio
  • Educational Research Capstone Project

Entry to this program is restricted to currently practicing teachers and educational leaders (including those in non-school based roles) within the ACT and NSW Capital Region. It seeks to promote excellence in postgraduate learning and to build an educational community of practice across our region, supporting educational improvement and ultimately bettering the educational outcomes for our students.

Please click through the headings below for a lot more information about the program. For further information please email

The University of Canberra, Faculty of Education has developed a unique approach to post graduate learning to meet the changing needs of our profession.

The Master of Education (Capital Region) program is an innovative and specially designed program to meet the needs of classroom teachers and educational leaders (current and aspiring) in the Capital Region.

The program includes units which are selected and developed to provide rich, rigorous learning opportunities utilising an intensive delivery approach and designed to support the development of a regional community of practice. The selection of units has been based on alignment with the ACT Future of Education Strategy and the strategic directions of our region.

Previous cohorts of teachers and educational leaders have provided excellent feedback about the experience and quality of learning in the program and we are greatly looking forward to welcoming the next group of professionals.


  • A postgraduate qualification for teachers and educational leaders from the Capital Region which can be completed in two years (part-time)
  • Delivered in intensive blocks during school holiday periods designed to meet the needs of educational professionals
  • A curriculum integrating theory and 'real-world' application tailored to meet the needs of educators
  • A curriculum that supports and values excellence in classroom practices and leadership development
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to national and international guest speakers and educational leaders
  • Tailored to meet the needs of educators within the region and reflecting the intent and strategic directions of the regional education sector
  • A capstone unit offering portfolio-based or research-based learning

You will complete seven units including two core units and five electives (selected from the tailored offerings for this program).

These units can be completed over a minimum period of two years with all face to face teaching undertaken during the first and third school holiday periods of each year (Intensive Delivery Periods). You are able to undertake up to two units in each Intensive Delivery Period with the exception of the final 6 credit point capstone unit.

Each unit is undertaken in a three day face-to-face teaching session with some pre-work to be completed online and with a final assessment task to be submitted after the intensive period. Each teaching session of three days has two unit options.

You may wish to undertake two units over six days or opt to take one unit only during each intensive period. Completing two units in each school holiday period will allow you to complete your Master of Education in just two years.

The program will also include guest speakers and networking opportunities. Morning tea and lunch is also provided during the intensive delivery days.


  • 7 units undertaken during two intensive teaching periods per year:
    • Term 1 School Holidays
    • Term 3 School Holidays
  • Opportunity to undertake up to 2 units per intensive period
  • Completion possible within 2 years
  • Choice of units in each intensive period
  • Guest speakers
  • Networking opportunities

The Master of Education (Capital Region) is a post-graduate program designed and delivered by the University of Canberra and specifically tailored for current, practicing educators and educational leaders - aspiring and current - within this region. The program has been developed to allow those wishing to build on their passion and expertise within the classroom as well for those who wish to further develop their skills as current and future educational leaders on the local, national and international stage.

Applications are therefore welcomed from:

  • Classroom Teachers
  • Current Educational Leaders
  • Aspiring and Emerging Educational Leaders

This program is for both school-based and non school-based educational professionals

To be accepted into the Master of Education (Capital Region Program) you should demonstrate:

  • Commitment to the profession of education
  • Commitment to active participation in professional development and learning
  • The capacity to complete a postgraduate course at Masters level

In addition, you will need to satisfy the standard admission requirements of the UC course 924AA - Master of Education (see How to Apply below).


Make a difference to your career!

You should apply if you want:

  • To be challenged and excited in your learning
  • To be part of a cohort-focussed learning approach
  • To be exposed to leading national and international research and practice
  • To understand and conduct research based on contemporary theories and practices, analyse evidence and present findings in your capstone unit
  • A program of learning that is engaging and flexible, and designed to meet your individual professional needs while comprehensively covering the learning content.

The following outlines how to apply to the University of Canberra for initial admission. You will need to apply to the University of Canberra for admission to the course 924AA Master of Education.

Admission requirements for the course 924AA Master of Education are:

  • A four-year undergraduate degree in education or a three-year undergraduate degree plus a one-year graduate diploma in education, and in either case a minimum of three years professional experience in an educational context;


  • A three-year undergraduate degree in education or a similar discipline deemed equivalent by the University Admissions Committee, and in either case a minimum of four years professional experience in an educational context.

When applying you will be required to supply relevant documents to support your application. Your documents should be official and certified. If your documents are under a previous name, we will require official evidence of your change of name.

You will need to have the following documents ready:

  • certified copies of relevant academic transcripts and award certificates from completed or incomplete study
  • evidence of work experience in the form of a current resume and statements of employment which should be an official document from your employer outlining your job title, responsibilities and duration of employment
  • subject or unit outlines from your previous study if you are seeking credit into your UC course.

Once you have these prepared please go to and follow the prompts.

Once you have applied and your application has been accepted, you will receive a welcome package which will detail a range of important information. Once you have been admitted to the course, we will be in touch with you with instructions about enrolling in individual units.

If you need assistance with your application for admission, please contact


  • Apply for admission to the UC course 924AA Master of Education
  • Check your eligibility
  • Prepare your paperwork
  • Await advice
  • If you need assistance with your application for admission, contact

A range of units, tailored to meet the needs of our region, will be offered over the two-year period. The position of the units in the program and the units themselves will change over time as the program evolves to best meet the needs of participants and to reflect the expertise of faculty staff as well.

You will 'move through' the program with a cohort of other educators, working collaboratively during the intensive delivery periods and building professional relationships across the region.

To fulfil the requirements of the degree, students need to complete a total of 24 credit points (cp). The following is an indicative listing of the offered Units. The list is revised annually.

Required unit (3cp):

9087 Education Research Perspectives PG

Restricted choice Part A (6cp):

Capstone unit - A choice of:

10442 Professional Learning Capstone Portfolio (6cp)
10443 Educational Research Capstone Project PG (6cp)

Restricted choice Part B (15cp):

Five units from the following list:

  • 10324 Leading Coaching and Mentoring in Education PG
  • 10325 Positive Psychology and Wellbeing in Education PG
  • 10435 Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Being and Doing PG
  • 10437 Contemporary Uses of Digital Technology in Education PG
  • 10438 Applications of Learning and Memory PG
  • 9086 Educational Leadership and Change PG
  • 9088 Educating for a Sustainable World PG
  • 9094 Educating for Inclusion PG
  • 9096 Leading and Sustaining Professional Learning Communities PG
  • 10440 Qualitative Research PG

* Other units offered by the Faculty, but not in the intensive mode, may also be approved as part of this course.

Our Faculty includes leading national and international academics who are expert in educational research and clinical practice. We have a talented, positive team of academic and professional staff and we are motivated to realize the fresh opportunities afforded by our innovative, domestic and international academic programs, partnerships and research programs.

Academic Leadership

Chris Morrissey

Clinical Associate Professor Chris Morrissey
UC Affiliated Schools Program

Ting Wang

Professor Ting Wang
Associate Dean,

Bernard Brown

Dr. Bernard Brown
Program Director,
Postgraduate Programs in Education

Chris is responsible for Professional Experience, School Facing Professional Learning and development, Clinical Teaching (Pedagogy, Content, Knowledge) Workshops in Schools for Pre-service Teachers, the implementation of the Teaching Performance Assessment and a range of other school partnership functions.

Chris has significant experience in school and system leadership.  He has a Master of Education as well as a range of other tertiary qualifications and is currently undertaking doctoral studies.

Ting is internationally recognized for her research in educational leadership development in cross cultural settings, professional learning communities, teacher professional development international and transnational education.

Ting is a founding member of the Global PLC Network which researches PLC (Professional Learning Community) policies and practices in schools across six educational systems.

Bernard has had a long involvement in education, working in schools and universities both in Australia and abroad. He is passionate about education and empowering students to engage in learning and teaching.

Bernard holds a Masters of Education and PhD in Education from UC. His areas of specialisation are teacher education, educational leadership, ethics, and policy. Bernard has several published articles in journals and book chapters and is currently working on a funded research project involving ACT teachers.

During his career Bernard has taught in a number of countries including Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and China.

The Academic Programs Team

The Faculty of Education Academic Programs Team (APT) is your point of contact for assistance or advice. Please contact the APT via email to or by phone on 1300 301 727.

The Academic Programs Team