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Professional Practice 2:Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

This faculty-wide unit offers a number of streams. The streams that are available to you will depend on your degree and your individual circumstances. 

Different streams are offered because work integrated learning, or real world learning, needs to be relevant to your degree but also to support your personal aspirations.


  • Step 1
    • 100 hours unpaid or paid internship in an approved workplace, with a workplace mentor. Positions are available through CareerHub (go to My Groups then FAD Internships) or students can source their own. All internships must be approved by the FAD Internships Coordinator.​
    • Internships are only available to Built Environment and Industrial Design students by exception and if it involves outstanding an internship experiences. It must be approved by the Unit Convenor.
    • Students work in teams to real clients on real projects with defined time limits.
    • Teams are single or multi-disciplinary and work with industry and academic mentors.
    • All projects and student team places will be advertised on Canvas two weeks before semester begins. Follow the instructions on Canvas to nominate for a project.
    • A stream for experimental, creative projects that are initiated and led by students.
    • This stream helps students appreciate that a critical part of becoming a successful creative practitioner is being part of the communities of practice that surround any creative pursuit.
    • 11574 Professional Practice: WIL Studio 3 is a core stream for Built Environment (Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture) and Industrial Design students. Students enroll in 11574 in lieu of unit 11018 Professional Practice 2.
    • Real products or artefacts are produced under supervision of industry tutors​.
    • This stream is only available to other degrees where specified. ​

    Workplace Learning

    • This stream is available to students working full-time in a workplace aligned with their degree, for whom an internship or project is neither useful nor possible.​
    • It is available by application only: students from accredited degrees in particular will need approval.
    • Students work with an academic supervisor to produce a report or research that is valuable to their workplace and applies their academic skills in a professional setting.
    • Apply: prior to the start of semester.


    • Students can credit their international opportunity (i.e. a faculty-led program or international internship) against either PP1, PP2 or both. Most international experiences are 6 credit points.
    • Students can also use electives from their breadth majors for these experiences, to then save their Professional Practice units for internships or studios.
    • Accredited degree students (such as Architecture) are encouraged where possible to use electives for international experiences.
  • Step 2
    What streams are available to you?

    Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture

    • All degrees – Studio
    • By application: Workplace Learning, Internships
    • Workplace Learning
    • Internships

    Industrial Design:

    • Studio only

    Visual Communication and Interactive Design:

    • Internships; or
    • Project Hub
    • Internships
    • Project Hub
    • By application: Workplace Learning, International Opportunities

    Film, Global Studies, Digital Media, Culture and Heritage, Creative Writing

    All Degrees:

    • Internships
    • Project Hub
    • Creative Lab
  • Step 3

    What's Next?

    • Enrol in Professional Practice 2 (WIL) if it’s in your study plan.
    • Explore the options in more detail on the Canvas site which will be available two weeks before semester begins.
    • Choose your stream and enrol in your relevant workshops or studios: all your classes and options will be clearly outlined on the Canvas site.
    • If you’ve got questions, email