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Professional Practice 1:Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Students explore the knowledge, skills and attributes needed in their fields in this faculty-wide unit.

This unit offers a number of options - or streams - for students, which will primarily be led by the requirements of their degrees, as well as their individual circumstances and choices.

This unit is similar to Professional Practice 2 (Work Integrated Learning) and is ideally undertaken before it. However these units are complementary, but not necessarily sequential.

Syllabus and Unit Learning Outcomes

  • Step 1
    • Students can do 100 hours unpaid or paid internship in an approved workplace, with a workplace mentor. Positions are available through CareerHub (go to My Groups then FAD Internships) or students can source their own.
    • All internships must be approved by the FAD Internships Coordinator before the start of semester.​ Contact if you have any questions.
    • Internships are only available to Built Environment and Industrial Design students by exception and if it involves an outstanding internship experience. Contact if you think this applies to you.
    • Students work in single or multi-disciplinary teams on real projects with defined time limits; teams work with industry clients and are supervised by academic mentors.
    • Projects will be advertised before the start of each semester on the Canvas site and CareerHub (go to My Groups then FAD Internships).
    • This is an experimental space designed for Arts and other students who are keen to turn their creative work and ideas into reality.
    • In this stream students will discuss, define, prepare, develop and produce their own creative project whilst identifying outlets and/or audiences, identifying exposure and promotion, and exploring linkages to communities of practice.
    • The Studio Stream is a core stream for Built Environment (Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture) and Design (Industrial Design) students.
    • Real products or artefacts are produced under supervision of industry tutors​, working to real clients/projects.


    • Students can credit their international opportunity (i.e. a faculty-led program or international internship) against either PP1, PP2 or both. Most international experiences are 6 credit points.
    • Students can also use electives from their breadth majors for these experiences, to then save their Professional Practice units for internships or studios.  
    • Accredited degree students (such as Architecture) are encouraged where possible to use electives for international experiences.
  • Step 2
    What streams are available to you?

    Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture

    • All degrees – Studio
    • By application: Internships
    • Internships

    Industrial Design:

    • Studio only

    Visual Communication and Interactive Design:

    • Internships; or
    • Project Hub
    • Creative Lab
    • Internships
    • Project Hub
    • By application: International Opportunities

    Film, Global Studies, Digital Media, Culture and Heritage, Creative Writing

    All Degrees:

    • Internships
    • Project Hub
    • Creative Lab
  • Step 3

What's Next?

  • Enrol in Professional Practice 1 (WIL) if it’s in your study plan.
  • Explore the options in more detail on the Canvas site which will be open at least two weeks before semester begins.
  • Choose your stream and enrol in your relevant workshops or studios: all your classes and options will be clearly outlined on the Canvas site.
  • If you’ve got questions, email