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Year 2 Work Integrated Learning

Students explore the knowledge, skills and attributes needed in their fields in this faculty-wide unit.

This unit offers a number of options - or streams - for students, which will primarily be led by the requirements of their degrees, as well as their individual circumstances and choices.

This unit is similar to Professional Practice 2 (Work Integrated Learning) and is ideally undertaken before it. However these units are complementary, but not necessarily sequential.

  • Step 1
    • Students can do 100 hours unpaid or paid internship in an approved workplace, with a workplace mentor. Positions are available through CareerHub (go to My Groups then FAD Internships in Careerhub).
    • All internships must be approved by the FAD Internships Coordinator before the start of semester. Contact if you have any questions.
    • Students enrolled in a Built Environment or Industrial Design course please note this internship unit is only available as an open elective unit. Contact if you need help with this.
    • Internship Eligibility Requirements

      Students must meet the following requirements to be considered for an internship:

      • Have a GPA of at least 4
      • Completed the Internship Expression of Interest form
      • Be enrolled into one of the following units :
        • 11829 Professional Practice (Internships A) (100 hours)
        • 11832 Professional Practice (Internships B) (100 hours)
        • 11575 Professional Practice Internship (6cpt) (200 hours)
        • 11576 Professional Practice Internship Extended (12cpt) (480 hours)
        • 11635 Communication Workplace Learning G (100 hours)
        • Honours with a Work Integrated Learning Component
        • PHD Plus

      Self Enrolment is NOT available for 11829 and 11832. You will receive your unit enrolment form once you have completed the expression of interest and been approved to complete an internship.

    • Students undertake professional accreditations, specialist skills packages or develop professional competencies identified by industry and Course Advisory Groups as required for contemporary practice.
    • Examples include Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Adwords, or workplace project management tools.
    • The Studio Stream is a core stream for Built Environment (Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture) and Design (Industrial Design) students.
    • Real products or artefacts are produced under supervision of industry tutors, working to real clients/projects.
  • Step 2
    What streams are available to you?
    • Industry Studio
    • Specialist Skills (via an elective unit)
    • Internship A (via an elective unit)
    • Specialist Skills (for students in Course Version ABB101 this is via an elective unit only)
    • Internship A (for students in Course Version ABB101 this is via an elective unit only)

    Industrial Design:

    • Industry Studio
    • Specialist Skills (via an elective unit)
    • Internship A (via an elective unit)

    Visual Communication and Interaction Design:

    • Internships A
    • Specialist Skills
    • Specialist Skills
    • Internship A
    • By application: International Opportunities
    • Specialist Skills
    • Internship A
    • By Application: International Opportunities
  • Step 3

What's Next?

  • Enrol in your chosen WIL unit if it’s in your study plan.
  • If you are applying for an internship, follow the internship instructions on the FAD WIL Canvas site or FAD Internships on Career Hub.
  • Enrol in your relevant workshops or studios: all your classes and options will be clearly outlined on the Canvas site.
  • If you’ve got questions, email