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Internship with Purdon Planning

Lachlan Taylor completed his internship with Purdon Planning as part of his Bachelor of the Built Environment (Architecture). Lachlan gained experience in various positions during his time with the company and learnt about the broad extent of work conducted in the urban planning and development field. Most of the work undertaken was around strategic planning to allow for future development of Canberra.

Prior to completing his internship Lachlan was unsure if I wanted to work in planning or as an urban designer, as his understanding on each industry was limited. The internship opportunity helped clarify the direction to take due to experiencing the real-life urban planning culture.

Whilst continuing his study, Lachlan commenced work as a part time Junior Urban Planner with Purdon.

“After commencing work with Purdon, I quickly learnt that I enjoyed the work, inclusiveness of the industry, and office culture. I was interested in the projects I had the opportunity to work on and found it intriguing about how broad the urban planning field really is.” He said.

Lachlan carried out his internship placement full time, allowing him to fully immerse himself in the work and in the experience.

" The real life experience is essential to truly develop your understanding of your career goals and personal self " He said. "The internship is an excellent opportunity to learn different things about yourself outside of the university setting. Overall, it is a great opportunity for building networks and educating yourself further about the industry.”