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UC Directory v3 - Help
Don't forget that UC Directory will 'search-as-you-type' in the search box above.
Provided below is a list of features and how to use each of them:
Basic Searching
  • Search Box:Search Box Screen Shot
    UC Directory will search by default for a contact by Role/Title, Name and Telephone when you type in the search box above. You can select and deselect the check-boxes to limit your results to a particular type of search.
  • Limit To:Limit To Screen Shot
    These check-boxes allow you to restrict your search (typed into the Search Box) to a contacts position Role or Title, their given or family Names, and their Telephone numbers.
  • Search by Role or Title:
    Searching for a contact with a particular Role within the university is simple. Just start typing any part of their role or title you know into the search box. You can continue to search for more than one word in their title to refine your search.
  • Search by Given Name:
    To search by a contacts Given or Preferred names only, type a comma first and then start typing the name you are looking for. UC Directory will display a contacts Preferred name first, if it exists.
  • Search by Family Name:
    To search for a contact by their Family Name (surname), type in the first few letters of their name that you know and then type a comma. Use in combination - see below
  • Search for both Family and Given names:
    Using the above examples you can search by both Given Name and Family Name by typing the first letters of their family name, then a comma, and then follow with the first letters of their given name.
  • Search for a Telephone (always enabled):
    Locate any contact by typing in the search box the full telephone number or the four-digit extension number. You cannot disable searching for a telephone number.
Advanced Searching
  • Advanced Search Mode:Advanced Search Screen Shot
    Advanced Search provides the same level of search control as 'Basic Search' and can be accessed by clicking on the 'Change to Advanced Search Mode' button on the tab-bar. Advanced Search includes all of the functionality of Basic Search, with the addition of the following enhancements.
  • Search In:Search In Screen Shot
    Allows you to locate contacts within a particular organisational unit. Select a Division from one of the Portfolios to show the members within it, refine this further by selecting a Division or alternatively type in your search terms to limit the results further.

    Please Note: UC Directory internally refers to the ORGPlus CLEVEL codes as follows:

    1. Organisation (this is UC)
    2. Portfolio (eg. Vice Chancellor or Chief Operating Officer)
    3. Division (equates to Academic Faculty or Business Unit)
    4. Department (equates to Academic Discipline or Program)

    These unofficial names are only common labels that apply to both the Academic and General sides of the organisation regardless of future changes to our naming scheme.
  • Limit To:Limit To Screen Shot
    As with 'Basic Search' this allows you to restrict your search results to those contacts that meet the conditions you select. With the addition of Location you can limit your search results to a building.
Exporting Results
  • Only avaliable when UC Directory is accessed by a computer on the UC intranet.Export Results Screen Shot
  • To access this feature goto Advanced Search mode and click on the 'Export Results' tab above the 'Key Telephone Contacts' on the right.
  • Allows exporting of any result set to either: Tab Delimited File, Comma Separated File, Printer Fiendly List, Printable Telephone List.
  • Click the desired output format once you have searched for your desired contacts.
Other Searching Tips & Features
  • Office Searching:
    Search for the occupant of an office using Advanced Search Mode. Select a building from the Location drop-box, and type one letter (for the floor) followed by at least one number.
    This feature works regardless of any other Limit To switches.
  • Support Network:
    This feature is only accessible to computers connected to the support networks of the university and allows for searching for a contact by their identification number as well as displaying the number (and force-hidden contacts) in the results list view.
    Locate the Support Tab to the left of the Search tab when connected to the support network.

For any additional help or feedback, please contact the ICTS Service Desk on 62015500.

UC Directory v3 © University of Canberra 2009.
Key Contacts:
General Enquiries
(During Business Hours)
  • Main Switchboard(02) 6201 5111
  • Security Office(02) 6201 2050
  • Media & Press(02) 6206 8677
  • Media Enquiries(0408) 826 362
  • Library Enquiries(02) 6201 2953
  • UC Union Inc.(02) 6201 5350
  • Computer Service Desk(02) 6201 5500
  • Health & Counselling (02) 6201 2351
International Enquiries
  • General Enquiries+61 2 6201 5342
  • Course & Admissions+61 2 6201 5342
  • Student's Association+61 2 6201 2000
Student Enquiries
  • Student Centre1300 301 727
  • Course & Admissions1300 301 727
  • Examinations1300 301 727
  • HECS Enquiries1300 301 727
  • Scholarships1300 301 727
  • Student's Association(02) 6201 2000
  • Canberra College(02) 6201 2961
Living on Campus
  • Campus Security(02) 6201 2222
  • UC Campus Village (02) 6206 3500
  • UniLodge Cooper Lodge(02) 6109 4200
  • UniLodge Weeden Lodge(02) 6113 5003
Staff Enquiries
  • ICT Service Desk(02) 6201 5500
  • Human Resources(02) 6201 5204
  • OH&S Enquiries(02) 6201 2220
  • Recruitment Office(02) 6201 5157
  • Records & Archives(02) 6201 2370
  • Mail Room(02) 6201 2631
Faculty Library Enquiries
  • BGL & ESTEMJudy Currier
  • Health & FADMurray Turner