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Study Skills

About Us

Study Skills, part of the Study Skills and Careers unit in Student Engagement, provides a range of face-to-face and online study help programs for UC and UCC students. These programs include face-to-face and online workshops, interactive study modules, and in-unit support programs.

Study Skills Study Help drop-in sessions:

In winter term 2015, Study Skills is running drop-in study help sessions at the following times:

Winter term 2015 drop-in study help timetable weeks 1 - 7

(starting Tuesday 9th June, finishing Thursday 23rd July)


12 - 3 pm
Drop-in study help
Library TR1 (8A10)
12 - 3 pm
Drop-in study help
Library TR1 (8A10)
12 - 3 pm
Drop-in study help
Library TR1 (8A10)

Drop in at any time during the session, and bring your assignments and other work. Staff are available to help you with:

  •  professional and academic writing skills
  • structuring your assessment tasks
  • finding journal articles and other resources
  • referencing
  • time management and study techniques
  • exam preparation

The Rovers

The Rovers are UC students, trained to help other students with understanding assessment tasks, assignment structure, referencing, using Moodle and Mahara, using printers, connecting to wifi and more.  You can find the Rovers in the Library Commons (Building 8 Level B). You can see the Rovers for up to 20 minutes of one-to-one assistance from 10 am – 7 pm Monday  to Thursday, 10 am – 5 pm Friday, and 2 pm – 5 pm Saturday and Sunday during winter term. 

Online/Phone Rovers

 For students off-campus that wish to use the Rovers service, the Rovers are also available online and on the phone from 2 pm to 4 pm Monday to Sunday from week 1 to week 7 of winter term. See the Study Help moodle site for more information on how to access the online/phone Rovers, or call (02) 6201 2951(02) 6201 2951 during the session times.  You can also email the online rovers.

English Language support

In 2015, Study Skills is running multiple programs to support students wishing to improve their English skills, including  the Intensive English course from the 27th to the 30th July.  This course is free for UC students, and you can register by contacting Study Skills.

In-unit support

In-lecture presentations and online resources

Study Skills staff are available to give in-lecture presentations in units across UC and UCC on topics including finding journal articles and other resources, structuring assignments, referencing, and avoiding plagiarism.  Staff are also able to provide online resources on these topics for specific units upon request.  More information can be found here.

PALS (Peer-Assisted Learning Sessions)

PALS (peer-assisted learning sessions) are designed to support large-cohort first -year units, and are led by students who have successfully completed the units themselves, and who can provide insights into effective learning strategies for the unit.  The PALS programs also provide students with an opportunity to form study groups in an informal setting.  

All PALS run in the Building 6 Student Resource Centre.  PALS is not offered during winter term, and will return in semester 2.

Study Skills interactive study modules

The Study Help moodle site,, contains a number of interactive online modules, available for students to access 24/7. These modules allow you to develop skills and check your understanding of topics including structuring assignments, referencing, reading for understanding, maths and stats, time management, exam preparation, wellbeing and more.

Smarthinking is not available during winter term, and will return in semester 2 2015.

Study Skills learning resources

The Student Learning Resources Moodle site contains a number of online resources on topics including time management, writing, assignment structure and much more. Students can self-enrol in this site via Student Learning Resources.

The Academic Integrity Module (AIM)

Study Skills manages the Academic Integrity Module (AIM), which all students are expected to complete during their degree.  This Moodle site has been updated with a new module and new final quiz.  Students who have already obtained an AIM badge will not need to complete the new module. For AIM inquiries, contact Study Skills.

Study Skills orientation

Study Skills Orientation at UC can be done at any time. For more information see the Study Skills Orientation.

Contact Us

Contact Study Skills either by email or by phone (02) 6201 2205(02) 6201 2205.

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