By Andre Oringo

Film Production
Tuggeranong - Year 11
Rose always gets asked about why she invests so much time and money into her car. She can’t really explain why she does in words, so she decides to show them through the senses of vision and hearing instead. She shows the beauty of experiencing her car and the environment that surrounds her as she drives and how this makes her feel. “This” beauty that she shows is something that drives her forward, giving her excitement and inspiration to get out of bed and continue to pursue her dreams - her “this”. It represents the “this” of many different people, something that can’t be explained but rather something that can only be experienced. This is the reason that Rose decides to show her “this” rather than explain it in words. She drinks in the experience of the beauty of the world and then the scene is cut into many different versions of “this” and finally ends with “this is life” to show that every “this” that people do makes up their life.