Adventures in Relativity

By Zara Salman

Digital Media
Dickson College - Year 12
The purpose of my comic, ‘Adventures in Relativity’, is to explain complex concepts of Einstein’s theory of relativity in an engaging and more understandable way. The target audience of my comic is intended for kids in grades 5 to 7 in order to aid them in being able to define, explain and apply the concepts of relativity. In my comic, I have gone over key concepts including Galilean-Newtonian relativity, special theory of relativity and introducing the general theory of relativity. I have also briefly gone over an application of relativity that is particle accelerators to best show how useful these concepts are in real-world developments in technology. Hopefully, kids will feel intrigued after reading this comic as I have intended to make it both comical and informative whilst being visually engaging.