Tiny House Project

By Jules Bacchus

Dickson Collage - Year 11
My design is a contemporary influenced floating home, that combines the beauty of its aquatic soundings with sleek, simplistic architecture. It utiliss reclaimed cost effective materials along with sustainable features, to suit the client's eco-conscious way of life. The proposed dwelling will sit on a 6000mm (L) x 6000mm (W) floating concrete and Styrofoam platform making it relocatable by water. The curved circular structure will reach a height of 4200mm. Creating a house designed to be floating brings a client who seeks and enjoys being in and around a water environment. Living on water provides great opportunity for water sport recreation, for example fishing, surfing, snorkelling and water-skiing, as well as access to waterfront entertainment and hospitality, like water front restaurants and shops. In countries or areas where land property is limited, lakes, ocean bays, and rivers can also provide suitable cheap property. The concrete base will be able to withstand colder climates in which lakes may freeze over, making the house only relocatable in summer months or locations with warm climates.