Arty Magazine

By Alyssa Ervin

Visual Communication Design
St John Paul ll Catholic College - Year 12
The task brief was to create the first issue of a magazine, relating to a favourite activity/hobby/interest or a world issue close to one’s heart. Art is my passion, hence the creation of ‘Arty’ magazine. For my competition entry I am submitting the magazine cover and an advertisement within the magazine. All artworks featured are my own. Welcome to the opening issue of ‘Arty’ - a Visual Arts magazine for kids and teens. Here at ‘Arty’ we believe that art is a way of life and every child is an artist at heart. As Picasso once said “All children are born artists, the problem is to remain artists as they grow up.” Our mission is to empower young artists with the techniques, knowledge, ideas and inspirations that help ignite their visions, and bring them to life. ‘Arty’ aims to encourage young artists to create art and reflect upon what they have made, seek and construct meaning through encounters with art, create narratives about artworks, understand the historical and cultural contexts of works of art and discover the significance of art in their lives and family.