The Good and bad side of nature

By Krishna Yarella Martinez

Visual Communication Design
UC Canberra - Year 12
This monoprint is created with the technique of the monoprint, of tracing on a plastic paper the drawing and then using the ink to finally stick it on a paper for the final drawing. In this monoprint, I show the good side in nature, at the middle and on top of the monoprint, where the trees and the waterfall are. I did it this way for the purpose of showing that nature is beautiful. The bad part of nature and the most important message of this image is located at the bottom of the drawing where the person is. This person is touching a tree that is fallen and is dead, but it can also see the bones of this person. The bones in the hand symbolize death.

The message of this drawing is that nature is dying from the acts of humanity. Even if there are beautiful places of nature, people continue to destroy nature.