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Frequently Asked Questions

University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor's International Poetry Prize

1. What is the closing date?
Entries close 17 July 2023, 23:59pm GMT. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances.

2. Can I submit by post?
Entries may be submitted online only.

3. How many poems can I submit?
Poets may submit up to six of their poems in any one year. There is an entry fee for each poem submitted.

4. If I have published my poem on Facebook or a personal blog can I still enter it?
No. To be eligible for the prize a poem should not have been published or performed in any publicly available format, in part or in whole.

5. Can I simultaneously submit my poem or poems into another competition or to another publication?
No. You cannot simultaneously enter the same poem(s) that you have entered into the prize into other competitions or for publication, but you can submit other poems to other competitions or for publication.

6. Should I put my name on the document containing the poem I submit?
No. Your poem(s) will be disqualified if you put your name on the page or as the file name. There should be no identifying features on any poem you submit.

7. What font should I submit my poem in and how should it be spaced?
We ask that you submit the poem in a clear legible font such as Times New Roman or Arial, and we suggest that it is 12pt and that line spacing is set at 1.5, although this is not mandatory.

8. How long can the poem be?
The poem should be no longer than 60 lines.

Note: Prior to submitting your poems, please read the prize's full Conditions of Entry.