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Examination and completion

Examination can take anywhere from 6-9 months to complete from thesis submission depending on your examination outcome. There are three key steps in the examination process:

  1. Examiners report
  2. Examination outcome
  3. Course completion

Examiners report

Examiners will have eight (8) weeks to complete their examination report.

  • Graduate Research will redact any confidential examiner information and email the completed reports to the Candidate (UC student Email) and their Primary Supervisor.
  • You and your Primary Supervisor must provide responses to examiners report in the provided template within three (3) weeks of receipt of the reports.

Examination outcome

  • The Associate Dean Research will consider the examiners feedback and your responses and make a recommendation on the outcome including any revisions that may be required.
  • You must provide the revised thesis with track changes enabled within the timeframe outlined for your examination outcome as per the Examination Outcomes Procedure.
  • Once all requirements have been satisfied the Associate Dean Research or Supervisor (in some cases) will recommend course completion.

Examination Outcomes Procedure

Course completion

There are several things you need to prepare in order to be course completed and be eligible to graduate. You must complete all requirements for course completion at least 3 months prior to next graduation ceremony to be eligible to be invited to attend.

  • You are required to arrange printing for hardcopy thesis for the library.
  • Graduate Research will confirm that you have met all other academic requirements of the course of study and will notify the Student Centre.

Read the quick guide Preparing for Course Completion (PDF, 211.55 KB) for detailed information.

Download preparing for course completion

What happens next?

Normally, it can take 3 – 9 months from recommendation of course completion to graduate depending on the dates of the upcoming graduation ceremonies.

You are not confirmed to participate in graduation ceremony until you have been invited by the Student Centre and have purchased your tickets.

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Need help?

The HDR Examination team provides central administration of thesis examination for Higher Degree by Research candidates from thesis submission to course completion.

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