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Axon: Creative Explorations

An international peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the characteristics of creativity and the creative process. It is published twice a year (usually in March and September) and encourages research into and discussion of the broad domain of creativity, including:

  • the methods and techniques of artists and other creative professionals
  • approaches to creative-led research and the theorisation of creative practice
  • the ways in which creative works are made and function
  • poetics and poetry, and
  • the cultural contexts and theoretical frameworks informing creative practice.

Historic Environment

The refereed journal of Australia ICOMOS is edited by CCCR members. It is published three times a year and draws on dynamic, critical interdisciplinary research in the field of cultural heritage and heritage conservation. Historic Environment was ranked 'A' under the former ERA classification scheme, and all articles submitted to the journal are double-blind peer-reviewed. Many Historic Environment issues follow specific themes.