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Platform migration from CCH IntelliConnect to CCH iKnowConnect

CCH iKnowConnect Logo

As of yesterday, 11th October 2023, Wolters Kluwer, provider of CCH IntelliConnect, has provided a trial access to CCH iKnowConnect.

You will see a new banner appearing on the top of the landing page of the CCH IntelliConnect platform, as part of the initial phase of the migration to CCH intelliConnect.

CCH banner

During the trial period (mid-October 2023 to mid-December 2023), when users log in to IntelliConnect, they will be automatically redirected to the CCH iKnowConnect. The user can easily switch back to CCH IntelliConnect during the redirection phase.

Please that you can only migrate the research folders. If you have saved searches and bookmarks in CCH Intelliconnect, then move them into a research folder called my favourites and bookmarks and you will then be able to migrate those to CCH iKnowConnect.

The complete transition from CCH IntelliConnect to CCH iKnowConnect will be completed in December 2023 (the platform vendor will provide the exact date), after which the Library users will not be able to access the CCH IntelliConnect.

The platform vendor provides access to the CCH iKnowConnect how-to guides, videos and live training webinars.

For more information, click on this link.