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International agents

This information is for international student recruitment agents who are representing UC as a study option to future international students.

For further information about international student study options and student services at UC, reference the International students webpage.

Email for enquiries or support.


The UC application portal is used for the agent management of international student applications, offers and acceptances.

The portal provides additionally supported materials to international agents. The materials are available under ‘Resources’ in the menu items.

Agent portal

The UC agent portal is used for the agent to manage its office network and staff details. The portal allows the agent  to update, remove, and create new offices and their staff details.


UC can organise training in order for international agents to represent the University effectively and engage with prospective international students.

Our in-country representatives will deliver training in your office or online.

Claiming commision

International agent commission is payable on paid first year tuition fees only. Commission payments may vary depending on student's offer, progress in their course and on an individual basis as necessary.

Forward all international agent commission invoices for UC courses to Forward invoices for UC College course to

Commission invoice be on company letterhead and include banking details. The following student information should also be included:

  • student name
  • student ID
  • course name
  • course start date
  • annual tuition fee
  • commission percentage
  • commission fee

Commission invoices will be processed and paid after census date each semester.