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Elite athletes

Sport and study together

The University of Canberra is dedicated to helping our elite athlete students balance their sporting commitments with their academic goals. This is done by:

  • offering adjustment factors towards entry rank at UC
  • offering the Elite Athlete Program.

If you are an elite athlete or sporting coach whose sporting commitments have affected your previous academic performance you may be eligible for up to 5 adjustment factors towards your entry rank at UC.

In addition to your university application, you will need to provide our Admissions Office with:

  • a letter explaining how your sporting commitments affected your study in years 11 and 12
  • a supporting statement from the relevant sporting body and the average hours per week spent training and competing
  • either your UAC application number or UC applicant ID.

To be considered for the adjustment factors the documents must be emailed directly to after applying either through Universities Admission Centre (UAC) or directly through the UC Applicant Portal.

If you are a student with the University of Canberra and you are pursuing your sport at an elite level, you may be eligible for the Elite Athlete Program.

To be eligible you need to:

  • be a current UC Student
  • be identified as an elite athlete by Sport Australia or the UC Elite Athlete Office

As part of the program you may receive the following:

  • a specialised orientation session during Orientation Week
  • course advice and academic planning guidance
  • advocacy within the university environment
  • flexibility for assessment deadlines based on your sporting commitments
  • flexibility for attendance at lectures and tutorials (if practical) when you are unavailable due to sporting commitments
  • consideration for flexibility in the timing and location of attendance at Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Placements
  • support for cross-institutional studies where applicable
  • the ability to tailor your workload to your sporting commitments
  • the chance to extend the time you have to complete course work
  • the opportunity to take more than one leave of absence to support your sporting commitments.

In addition to the above academic and administrative support registered members of the Elite Athlete Program will also receive:

  • free access to the UCFit! Gym for the Academic Year
  • free exclusive UC Elite Athlete polo shirt

To apply for the program complete and submit the online Elite Athlete Support Program Application along with supporting documentation. Please note you need to be a current UC Students to access the application form.

The Australian Sports Commission identifies elite athletes as those defined under the EAFU agreement. To be eligible you need to be recognised by one of the following organisations as an "elite athlete or coach":

If you are an athlete who falls outside of these organisations you are still welcome to submit an application to the Elite Athlete Office for consideration.

A number of Sports Scholarships will be on offer to prospective and current UC Elite Student Athletes from Semester 1 of 2020.

Notable scholarships include the Eldon and Anne Foote Scholarship and the George Gregan Scholarship. There are also Scholarships available for elite female basketball athlete’s through the Canberra Capitals program.

Visit the UC Scholarships webpage for a full and updated list of available scholarships at the University of Canberra .

To ensure the University of Canberra can smoothly facilitate appropriate support for registered student athletes they must adhere to the following responsibilities as outlined below:

  • Request any extensions to assessments prior to the week of the due date by submitting an Assessment Extension Request form PDF, 310.19 KB, with supporting documents.
  • Discuss any modification or consideration to attendance at Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Placements with my Clinical Lead (Health Placement) or Unit Convener (all other placements) before enrolling into a WIL/Placement Unit.
  • Formally notify unit conveners of acceptance into the Elite Athlete Program, using ‘Confirmation of Status Letter’, within one week of enrolling into the unit. If acceptance to the program is after unit enrolment, formally notify unit conveners within one week of acceptance date.
  • Notify relevant conveners, prior to absence, when unable to attend classes due to sporting commitments and requiring consideration for absence.
  • Follow up confirmation of requests with academics.
  • Accept and understand that adjustments are implemented at the Academics discretion.
  • Correspond with University staff through the official UC Student email account only.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Elite Athlete Coordinator once my period of support concludes.