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Study stress free with a scholarship at UC

Do you need help financially? Have you done well academically? Maybe you are an elite athlete? Whatever your situation, a scholarship can help you succeed at university.

Studying can be expensive. We have a wide range of scholarships available to you which can assist with living costs, text books or that can contribute towards your fees.

Applying is easy. Simply submit one application and you'll be considered for every scholarship you're eligible for.

Think Tomorrow. Do Today.

Browse scholarships

Domestic Students have a variety of private, government and internally funded scholarships available to them to assist with study costs such as text books, accommodation and relocation costs. In most cases, students need to apply and are selected following a competitive process.

International Students have a variety of government and internally funded scholarships available to them to assist with study costs and tuition fees. In most cases, students do not need to apply for internally funded scholarships but can apply for other scholarships offered in association with the University.

The University offers a number of scholarships to enable suitably qualified students to undertake full-time study towards a higher degree by research. Selection is based on academic merit and research potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1.

Current Students log in to MyUC and submit an online application form

Step 2.

Applicants may be contacted for further information specific to individual Scholarship requirements

Step 3.

A scholarship selection committee meets after the closing date and shortlists the recipients

Step 4.

All applicants are notified of the outcome

Step 5.

Acceptance forms are returned by recipients

Step 6.

Payments are made

We have a variety of academic merit and financial need scholarships. Simply submit one application and you'll be considered for every scholarship you're eligible for. Your application will be considered for a variety of scholarships based on the information you provide unless otherwise stated on the website.

Current students

After browsing what’s available, click the 'Apply Now' button and you will be asked to sign in to My UC. The application form will be located in "Student Forms".

Future students

After browsing what’s available, click the 'Apply Now' button and you will be asked to apply for admission into a UC degree.

You need to apply every semester to be considered for every scholarship available in any given year. Over time, your grades may change, you may earn more or less money and your overall circumstances may fluctuate. It is important to tell us about your most recent situation to put you in the best possible position for a scholarship. Keep a record of your application once it's submitted to use it again in the future if you need it.

If you have already received a scholarship and it has ongoing eligibility criteria, you don't need to apply for it again. You just need to meet the ongoing conditions as communicated by the scholarships office.

Semester 1

Opening Date: 01 November Closing Date: Friday of Week 1

Semester 2

Opening Date: 01 May Closing Date: Friday of Week 1


Opening Date: 01 May Closing Date: Last Friday of November

There are a variety of externally administered scholarships that may still be open. You can filter your search by “Provider” when browsing for scholarships.

No. You will be asked a series of questions at the time of application so please have this information readily available when applying.

Students are only eligible to be awarded one International Scholarship per degree.

If a student meets the eligibility for more than one International Scholarship at the time of offer, the Scholarship with the higher financial value will be awarded.

If we identify you as being eligible for one or more unique scholarships, you may be contacted for additional information. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application approximately 2 weeks after the closing date.

Your scholarship offer letter will contain specific information on the conditions you must adhere to.

In most cases, you must declare your scholarship as income. To check if it is taxable, please visit:


The money should be used responsibly and primarily for educational and living expenses.

You must notify the Scholarships office immediately by emailing scholarships@canberra.edu.au. Your application may be reassessed upon receipt of such information.

These scholarships are awarded by external companies/organisations. UC does not endorse or support any products or companies affiliated with these scholarships. They are advertised with the purpose of providing students with more options for financial support.

All International Scholarship offers are connected to the offer of admission. To guarantee your Scholarship you should accept your offer of admission within four weeks.

International Scholarship payments will be directly credited to your student fees.


Contact the scholarships office

If you are not sure how to complete your application or just need a little help, please contact us .

Sponsor a scholarship

Thanks to our generous donors, the UC Foundation supports our University's students, staff, research and endowment.

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