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Permanent Resident/New Zealand Citizen - undergraduate or postgraduate

Permanent Resident/New Zealand Citizen Students

Commonwealth Supported Place
Non-Commonwealth Supported Place

Permanent Resident and New Zealand citizens are eligible for Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP), which means that if you are given a CSP, you do not pay the full fees of an international student. Rather, the Australian Government partially subsidises your fees. Therefore, you pay the same student contribution rates as a citizen.

You cannot however, use HECS-HELP to defer any or all of this payment. You will need to pay your student contribution amount upfront, in full.

Please note that if you are a continuing student and have recently become a Permanent resident, you will need to complete an Application for current student change of course and submit it with a certified copy of your proof of residency to the student centre in building 1.

You must also provide your passport for copying and verification.

If there are Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) available in your course and you meet the eligibility requirements, you may be allocated a CSP. You will be informed as to whether you have been allocated a CSP on your offer letter.

What is a Commonwealth Supported Place?

If you do not have a Commonwealth Supported Place, or have not informed the University of your change in status from International to Permanent Resident, please refer to the International students page for instructions on how to calculate your fees.

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