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Non-Award fees

Please note that fees for Non-Award units must be paid upfront, in full.

How much will a Non-Award unit cost?

You can find the Annual rate for a Non-award unit (including Study Abroad) at the International Student Tuition Fee or for domestic students at the Domestic Tuition Fees Schedule site. You will need this information to calculate your fees.

The University of Canberra sets its fees according to an annual rate method. The annual rate is the fee that applies to standard full-time enrolment, which is 24 credit points. The final fee charged is based on the proportion of 24 credit points in which a student enrols.

For example, if a student only enrols in 3 credit points, their fees will be calculated based on the following equations:

  • 3 credit points/24 standard full-time enrolment = 0.125 (EFTSL - Equivalent Full Time Study Load)
  • 0.125 x annual rate = unit cost.

We also recommend that you read carefully the International Student Fees Policy.

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