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How much does a unit cost International student

International Tuition Fees

If you wish to calculate the value of individual units, you will need the following information:

  1. The annual fee rate for a particular course
  2. The EFTSL (Equivalent Full Time Study Load) value of each unit you are studying is worth.

You can find the EFTSL (Equivalent Full Time Study Load) value of any unit you are enrolled in by logging into MyUC, clicking on 'Self Enrolment' and clicking on 'Units'. If you are enrolled in that unit, the EFTSL value will be listed under the 'Study Load' column. For a 3 credit point unit, the EFTSL value is generally 0.125. Alternatively, you can calculate the EFTSL value of any given unit by multiplying the units credit points and the course duration (in years), and then dividing by the minimum course credit points. The formula should look like this:

(Number of credit points for that unit x the length of time the course will take to complete full time) / how many credit points are required to course complete = EFTSL value.

For example, (3 credit points x 3 Years)/72 credit points= 0.125 EFTSL

How do I calculate the cost of a unit?

After you have the above information, you can calculate the approximate cost of each unit by multiplying the EFTSL value of that unit by the annual rate for your course. The formula should look like this:

EFTSL x annual rate = cost for this unit

For example, a 3 credit point unit generally has an EFTSL value of 0.125. If this unit is being studied in a Bachelor of Management and the student started study in 2006, your calculations should look something like this:

0.125 x $14000 = $1750.00 for this unit (approximately).

We also recommend that you read carefully the University's International Student Fees Policy.

If you have any concerns regarding the calculation of your fees, please call the Student Centre on 1300 301 727.

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