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How much does a unit cost? Domestic Postgraduate Student without Commonwealth Supported Place

The Domestic Postgraduate Tuition Fees Schedule is available for downloading in HTML format - on this page you can find the total course fee for non-Commonwealth Supported students.

Calculation of Domestic Tuition Fees (per unit)

Generally, tuition fees are calculated on a fee-per-unit basis to cater for students who wish to study on a part-time basis. There are a number of factors that determine the fee that applies for a unit of study:

  1. The annual fee rate for a particular course, which can be found here: Domestic Postgraduate Tuition Fees Schedule (please select the appropriate year);
  2. The EFTSL (Equivalent Full-Time Study Load) value for that particular unit.


You can find the EFTSL value of any unit you are enrolled in by logging into MyUC, clicking on 'Self Enrolment' and clicking on 'Units'. If you are enrolled in that unit, the EFTSL value will be listed under the 'Study Load' column. For a 3 credit point unit, the EFTSL value is generally 0.125. Alternatively, you can calculate the EFTSL value of any given unit by multiplying the units credit points and the course duration (in years), and then dividing by the minimum course credit points. The formula should look like this:

(Number of credit points for that unit x the length of time the course will take to complete, full time) / how many credit points are required to course complete = EFTSL value.

Eg. (3 credit points x 3 Years)/72 credit points= 0.125 EFTSL

Calculating the cost of a unit

The approximate fee for a unit is calculated by multiplying the unit load (EFTSL) by the annual course fee (note fees are indexed annually). This equation should look something like this: 0.125 x $8400 = $1050.00 approximately. (Please note that this is an example only).

For Example:

G Dip in Legal Studies annual tuition fee (018) : $8,400 annual rate
Minimum credit point required for completion : 24 credit points
Standard full-time course duration (years) : 1 year
Unit: 5928 Law G1: Introduction to Law : 3 credit point value
Unit Load (EFTSL) = (3 x 1)/24
  = 0.125
Unit Fee approximately = 0.125 x $8,400
  = $1,050.00

The same procedure applies for calculating the cost of additional units. Simply add the individual unit fees to determine a total.

Do I need to pay this amount up-front?

No. If you are an Australian citizen, or the holder of a Permenant Humanitarian Visa, you may use FEE-HELP to request a loan from the Australian Government for all or part of your tuition fee. The Government will pay this amount directly to the university, not as a lump sum to you.

If you have any concerns regarding the calculation of your fees, please call the Student Centre on 1300 301 727.


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