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How are Your Fees Calculated?

Your university fees are charged per unit of study.  Each semester you will get a statement that tells you how much you owe. 

If you want to know your fees in advance you need to work out how much each unit costs.  You can work that out if you have the following:

  • total annual fees for your course
  • minimum number of credits you need to complete the course (e.g. bachelor degrees are usually 72 credit points)
  • length of the course for a standard full-time student (e.g. 3 years)
  • number of credit points a unit is worth.

Work out your fee per subject

Unit credit points, multiplied by course duration, divided by minimum course credit points, multiplied by annual fees for a course will equal your fee per unit.

For example, a Bachelor of Information Technology has:

  • $14,000 annual fee
  • 72 credit points required for completion
  • 3 years is the standard full-time course duration
  • 3 credit points is the typical unit of study value.

Therefore the cost of one unit would be:

(3x3)/72 = 0.125

0.125 x $14,000 = $1750

1 subject will cost $1750

To calculate the total fees you will need to pay in a semester, simply multiply the cost per unit by the number of units you plan on taking. For example, if you plan on studying four 3-credit point units in a semester then your fees for the semester would be:

$1750 x 4

Total fees for 1 semester = $7000

Important to know

  • This is an example only.  
  • Fees are indexed annually.
  • Some courses charge fees on a flat fee per unit basis.  This means that units have a set fee and are not necessarily determined by the method detailed above.
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