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Grads 2019: Dream of being a crime scene analyst is close to becoming a reality

Andy Visser

20 March 2019. Crime scenes, science-based learning and a keen interest in everything forensics lies at the heart of Amy Hadland’s career aspirations.

Ms Hadland, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Forensics Studies graduate and recipient of the AFP Forensics High Academic Achiever Award, describes her first class at the University of Canberra as immediately affirming her decision to enrol in the degree.

“As a kid, I was obsessed with forensics and knew I was going to make it my career from an early age. So when it came time to apply at university it was more about choosing the right institution that offered a degree that would give me the best professional opportunities,” said Ms Hadland.

“When I looked at the UC forensics degree and its science-based approach, it became evident that it was my first choice, despite receiving offers from other universities.

“Being from Canberra my decision to study at UC added a level of convenience and to top it off, my dad is a UC alumni so it all made sense.”

As a student working with the National Centre for Forensic Studies, which is a partnership between UC, CIT and the AFP, Ms Hadland was able to work with leading forensic scientists at the AFP’s backup lab on UC’s Bruce campus.

“To learn from the best, experience challenging aspects involved in forensics and use specialised lab equipment as an undergraduate student was a big boost for me and an opportunity to see what lies ahead in my career,” said Ms Hadland.

With her focus clearly set on joining the AFP graduate program, Ms Hadland’s decision to complete her honours at UC this year is simply another step in a well-constructed plan.

“I was able to work with those who are now my supervisors and thesis advisors with my honours,” she said.

“I want to join the AFP, they are the best of the best, and being able to say that I have completed my degree at UC gives me all the confidence I need to go into an interview,” she said.