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Call for Parkinson's Patients to participate in Physiotherapy Study

23 January 2019: A new study will investigate accessibility to physiotherapy for people with Parkinson’s disease with the aim to identify better solutions for patients. The study, being undertaken by UC Physiotherapy Clinical Educator Allyson Flynn as part of her PhD in collaboration with University of Sydney, is now looking for participants.

The study plans to integrate two models of physiotherapy service delivery – group-based and home-based – to identify sustainable and effective ways to offer physiotherapy solutions to people with Parkinson’s. The study involves a collaboration of researchers from the University of Canberra and University of Sydney.

“There is evidence that Parkinson’s patients respond best to treatment through a combined approach of medication and exercise,” said Ms Flynn.

As part of the study, participants will undertake a 10-week exercise program of three sessions per week. For the first five weeks, two sessions will be in a group environment as part of the existing University of Canberra student-led neurological physiotherapy classes, and one session will be completed at home. For the second five week stretch, participants will either continue attending the physiotherapy classes twice a week and complete one session at home or complete all three sessions at home.

“There are many barriers to accessing physiotherapy for Parksinon’s patients and this study hopes to identify ways which will make it easier for patients especially for those living in outlying areas who cannot easily access public transport to attend a clinic twice a week,” Ms Flynn said.

Participants who wish to be involved in the study must:

  • have   Parkinson’s disease
  • have no   significant cognitive deficits or medical conditions which could interfere   with their ability to exercise three times a week
  • cannot   already be attending the UC clinic.

To sign up for the study, patients can contact Ms Flynn via email at

Allyson Flynn is available for interview on Thursday 24 January.

Contact the University of Canberra media team:

Andy Visser

0414 260 417