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UC experts swept up by footy finals fever

6 September 2017: The University of Canberra has a team of experts ready to deliver during this year’s footy finals.

The art of getting in the zone

For professional footballers, it doesn’t get any bigger than finals footy. But the pressure of playing on the big stage can impact players’ ability to perform their best. Assistant Professor of Sports Psychology Dr Richard Keegan can provide insight into the mindset of an athlete on the eve of a finals match and how they enter ‘the zone’.

Preparation is key

The devastation of losing a finals match is something every team wants to avoid, so how do officials prepare their sides for success when it’s all on the line? Sport and exercise science expert Dr Naroa Etxebarria can explain how coaches approach the biggest games of the season and how training and physical preparation may change in the lead up to the finals.

An excuse to travel

Finals time is just as much about the supporters as it is about the clubs, with fans travelling far and wide to witness their team’s pursuit of glory. The University’s tourism expert, Dr Naomi Dale, can speak about how an interstate game is the perfect excuse to explore a familiar or foreign destination.

Footy finals an economic boon

Footy finals yield significant economic benefits for host cities, with the airline, hotel, and hospitality industries all reaping the rewards. Economics expert Professor Phil Lewis can discuss fans’ spending habits and the impact these weekends have on businesses and the economy.

The power of social media

Social media has altered the relationship between teams and their fans, bringing them closer together and fostering a more personal connection. Online engagement at the business end of the season is crucial to a team’s success. Whether it’s messages of support from the fans to the players or a club’s rallying cry to its supporters, social media has an important role to play. Dr Olan Scott, whose research focuses on fan engagement in social media, can explain just how valuable a tool Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be.

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