Indigenous Leadership Strategy

An Indigenous voice to UC

The University of Canberra is committed to charting a new path towards understanding, holding and sharing Indigenous knowledge. Through our new Indigenous Leadership Strategy 2024 - 26 we will connect external and internal communities to improve the graduate experience, discover new horizons and collaboratively achieve a valued impact.

UC is committed to working to support self-determination through education and capacity-building opportunities with our communities. All staff, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous have a role and a responsibility to help the University connect, engage and seek to meet the needs of Indigenous communities across the nation.

We can’t change our past, but we can work to change our future – together.

The voices of Indigenous communities that we serve, across Australia and also within our University family can be heard through this strategy.

The strategy is inspired, informed and led by insights from Indigenous communities, so that the University’s impact can be valued and relevant. We call this the outside-in approach, listening to the voices of Indigenous people and grasping the opportunity to walk and work beside them with two hands.

Through the outside-in approach we will work with communities to find new ways to hold, nurture and share Indigenous knowledge alongside knowledge from other sources in Australia and around the world.

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Key focus areas

Indigenous Student Success

Indigenous student success

Indigenous Staff Success

Indigenous staff success



Community and Impact

Community and impact

Recognition and Accountability

Recognition and accountability

Indigenous Leadership

Indigenous leadership

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