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Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics

From food science to public health, research to marketing, graduates work in many roles requiring skills and knowledge about food, nutrition, environmental sustainability, and the health of individuals, communities and populations.


Studying nutrition and dietetics opens a wide range of career paths.

  • Nutrition and community education environments
  • Health promotion
  • Food industry and food regulation
  • Careers in the biological sciences
  • Government policy
  • Research in nutrition

How to book a workshop

Please email us for enquiries or booking an interactive workshop for your school.

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Interactive workshops

Title Eating right to be the best
Description This interactive session will discuss how food can beat supplements and sports drinks when it comes to winning. Starting with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, this will be explored and adapted to meet the needs of young people aiming to achieve their best in their chosen sport as well as keeping healthy.
Learning outcomes
  • Describe the core food groups and understand how exercise can change the amount of servings needed from each group
  • Understand the need for adequate fluid replacement in sport and how to tell if you are drinking enough
Session length 45 - 55 minutes
Class size 20
Location On-campus
Cost Free
Title Nutrition super taster
Description This will be a fun session in which students will be able to determine whether they are a ‘super-taster’!
Learning outcomes
  • To identify benefits of leafy green consumption
  • To be aware of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating recommendations
Session length 30 - 55 minutes
Class size 20 - 30
Location On-campus
Cost Free
Title What will we be eating in the future
DescriptionThis workshop challenges participants to question our capacity to continue to eat as we do. What might need to change? How open are you to making change? Do you want to be part of shaping our nutrition future?
Learning outcomes
  • Consider pressures on food supply
  • Discuss ideas for sustainable food consumption
  • Consider career paths and future needs for nutrition experts
  • Sample some novel foods that might feature more prominently on future menu
Session length 30 - 45 minutes
Class size30
Location On-campus
Cost Free