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Payments through Western Union

International students who are paying the acceptance fee stated on their offer letter in order to finalise their acceptance (including to obtain a Confirmation of Enrolment where applicable) are required to make that payment through the online Western Union GlobalPay system.

For further information on how this online payment works visit Western Union's frequently asked questions page.

Note: The University no longer maintains a bank account for these deposits so a bank transfer to the University's bank account is no longer possible.

Questions from students or their agents about payments through the Western Union GlobalPay system can be sent to

Payment options through Western Union: bank transfer or credit payment

Bank transfer: Users selecting this payment option will need to indicate who is making the payment (e.g. the student, agent, friend, family) and from which country the payment will be made. After entering the student, payer and amount details, an instruction sheet containing a reference number is generated (see example below). This instruction sheet will advise you on how the payment can be made through a local bank. Payments can be made through three currencies; USD, Euro and GBP.

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Credit payment: Users selecting this payment option can make their payment using either MasterCard or Visa. Payments can be made in local currency or Australian Dollars (AUD).

Payments from India: Applicants making a payment from India have a third option; they can make their payment in Indian Rupees through a Western Union agent.

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Payments from China: Applicants making a payment from China have the following payment options; bank transfer (as above), credit card (as above), GeoSWIFT, ChinaPay or China CITIC Bank.

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Frequently asked questions

I am currently in Australia. Do I still need to pay through the Western Union GlobalPay System?

A: Yes. Payments are best made by selecting the 'card payment' option.

I would like to deposit my payment into the University's bank account. How do I get the University's bank details?

A: This option is no longer available. If you would like to arrange a bank transfer from your local bank to the University's account, select the 'bank transfer' option through Western Union GlobalPay system.