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UC Abroad... New Zealand with Lucy Lovegrove

Studying media production at the University of Canberra was the perfect foundation for Lucy Lovegrove to land her dream role as an actress. A star on the rise, Lucy now resides in Auckland, New Zealand, playing Sass Connelly on Shortland Street; one of the county’s longest running soap opera. The show now in its 25th year airs in countries across the globe including Ireland, Ukraine and Australia.

Growing up in Canberra, Lucy completed a Bachelor of International Studies/Media Arts & Production and graduated in 2013.  While the degrees were broad, it gave her the opportunity to dive further into specific topics of interest. She looks back at her time at UC fondly, crediting Spanish classes as a highlight.

“The friends I made were probably the best thing from my university experience, and you have to love the student lifestyle – the cafes, study dates and people watching.”

Following university Lucy secured a three month contract at the National Film & Sound Archive, as a Video Preservation Officer. In this role she digitised old Australian video tapes from the national collections. While she was offered a permanent role, she left to spend time travelling and moved to Melbourne to try her luck as an actress.

“I’d always been inspired by the Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson, so I started doing short films for friends and fell in love with acting.”

After a year of networking and auditions, she landed the role that changed her life and saw her moving across the ocean to Auckland, New Zealand. The move she said was a ‘complete whirlwind’ and has taken some time to adjust to.

“On the whole, it’s been a great move. The cast and crew on the show have been so supportive and Auckland has been such a welcoming city to come into. It has everything you’d want.”

Her days typically begin at 6.45am, where she runs through her lines during hair and makeup. A full camera rehearsal is next then the final checks before its time to shoot. An average day of shooting for Lucy involves 8-10 scenes, before the shoot wraps up and she prepares for the following day.

While there is a misconception that being an actor is an easy career path full of social events and parties, Lucy is keen to set to record straight.

“While there can be many benefits to this job, there is so much work and discipline that goes on behind the scenes that few people get to see.”

She encourages students and young alumni who are looking to pursue a career in media production to chase their goals.

“Don’t give up and make sure you are in it for the right reasons. You have to be doing it because you love it.”

Rise & Shine


On the weekends I love to start with my favourite breakfast from a nearby cafe. During the week its usually toast from the kitchen on set!

Start with the Schedule


A look at how I stay on top of shooting scenes and rehearsals. Organisation is key!

On Air


A guest visit on live radio with Luke Patrick, who plays my brother on the show.

Hike to it


New Zealand is known for its beautiful surroundings. This is me on a hike up Rangitoto - one of the many active volcanoes in Auckland.

The Ladies

The ladies

Behind the scenes from a secret project - stay tuned!



Nothing ends the day like watching the sunset. This is the beautiful view from Mt Eden.

Words by Stephanie Cossetto, images courtesy of Lucy Lovegrove

Lucy Lovegrove

Bachelor of International Studies/Media Arts & Production, University of Canberra (2013)

Lucy Lovegrove graduated from the University of Canberra with a Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Media Arts & Production in 2013. Following her love of media production, Lucy worked as a Video Preservation Officer for the National Film & Sound Archive before landing a role on New Zealand's longest running soap opera, Shortland Street.

Lucy currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand. You can connect with her via LinkedIn.

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