You're an alumnus for life

When you graduate from the University of Canberra you automatically become part of our dynamic, inspiring, and talented alumni community. As an alumnus, you can access the range of benefits and services that the UC alumni office provides, including lifelong learning, personal and professional development, events, and volunteer opportunities.

Find out how you can become more involved with the University, see our upcoming events, or learn more about our Alumni community. Don't forget to also keep your details up to date so we can contact you, and check out our blog for great alumni stories and learning opportunities.

Upcoming Events

  1. Ngunnawal Pic

    30th Anniversary of the UC Ngunnawal Centre

    The Alumni Office invites you to attend the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Ngunnawal Centre at the University of Canberra.

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From the Blog

  1. Science Research Picture

    Does philanthropy really help our University?

    At a function I attended during the Christmas break, amidst the usual chit-chat came the inevitable question: "So what do you read more
  2. Office

    Characters you'll find in your office

    As workers around the country begin another new year back at work, for many of our recent graduates this will be read more
  3. Stephanie Williams travel photo

    5 minutes with.... Stephanie Williams from The Airloom

    Everyone loves travel, and everyone loves food. So imagine if you could combine these passions to travel the world sampling the best read more

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