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Educational and Curriculum design

Are you designing or redesigning a course or part of a course? T&L can provide you with support and advice in the design process. We can also support you in the development of the documentation required for the committee review process.

Educational Design support

Educational Design support

In developing new courses and units or revising existing courses and units, Educational Designers partner with Faculty staff to work through the course development process and explore, design, implement and evaluate innovative student centred curriculum and learning experiences.

To do this we can help you with:

  • Curriculum alignment, course and unit design and formulation of learning outcomes;
  • Analysing learner needs and designing learning experiences;
  • Employing assessment strategies and designing assessment tasks;
  • Exploring evidence-based pedagogy to support the use of technology in your teaching practices;
  • Developing student engagement and feedback strategies; and
    Incorporating WIL approaches into your courses and units.

We also provide 'concierge style' coordination with other T&L services, including Course and Academic Quality Development, LearnOnline, InterFace and Library Services, as well as other university support areas.