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Staff development

Staff development for Learning and Teaching

The University of Canberra provides its academic staff with professional development opportunities to support the development of their expertise and skills in contemporary teaching, learning and assessment practices.

All sessions are available to all staff.

Sessions, Workshops and Showcases

The University supports staff in enhancing their professional teaching practice. Staff can enrol in any session listed. Custom sessions can be provided to faculty staff on demand. The University invites experts to contribute to the conversation about student learning. In 2016 we welcomed:

  • Professor of Adult and Vocational Education, School of Educational and Professional Studies, Griffith University, Professor Stephen Billet
  • Senior Lecturer, Institute for Learning and Teaching Innovation, University of Queensland, Dr Kelly Matthews
  • Chair – Research; member ICT Education team, School of Education, University of New England, Dr Sue Gregory

Timetable and registrations

Registration page (UC login required)

Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education

The University provides a flexible Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education for academic staff.

Go to the MyUC staff portal to find out more about the Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education (UC login required)

Higher Education Academy Fellowships

The University supports academic staff in developing applications for Higher Education Academy Fellowships.

Go the MyUC staff portal to find out more about the University of Canberra's support for Higher Education Academy Fellowship applications. (UC login required)

More information

Contact if you have questions or require further information about staff development for learning and teaching, or visit the staff development site on MyUC (UC login required).

HR queries should be directed to the People and Diversity area of the University of Canberra.