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Arts and Design Portfolio Entry

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Portfolio entry provides an alternative entry pathway to entry based on an ATAR score.  Find out everything you need to know and apply on this page. 

Who can apply?

Current school leavers

  • Those who are finishing year 12 this year and wish to secure an early offer and/or may not achieve the required ATAR for their chosen course.

Application deadline

In line with 2017 UAC Dates. Next offers will be made with UAC rounds.

Non current school leavers

  • TAFE students who have not completed their TAFE course but wish to enter one of our specified degree courses
  • Mature age applicants who may not have an ATAR or may not have completed Year 12 but have other qualifications or experience deemed suitable for entry.

Application deadline

  • Applications for semester 2 2017 are now being accepted. Apply 16th July 2017.

What courses can I apply for?

All Arts and Design degrees will offer Portfolio Entry with the exception of Building and Construction Management and Urban and Regional Planning.

What do I need to Include in my portfolio?

Download the PDF file that lists your chosen course . This will give access the criteria you need to address in your portfolio.