Participation guidelines

To take part in this competition you will need to submit your entry through the UC Creative Competition website form. If you are under the age of 18 you must have parental/guardian consent when submitting your work.

Your submission needs to include a title page that clearly states what subcategory your work is for (e.g. Film production, Interior Architecture, Industrial Design etc.), the title of your submission, and a description of your submission. You also need to include a thumbnail image of 600px x 600px that can be used as a visual representation of your submission.

Contact information

If you are experiencing difficulty in submitting your entry or would like further information, please email

Competition categories

Looking for some creative inspiration? Consider the examples below or submit a school project or your own creative work.



Subcategory - Digital Media
Games, Interactive fiction, Audio mixes (but not musical compositions), Interactive Art, Digital painting, Character Designs, Animation (2D or 3D), VR/AR experiences...

Subcategory - Film Production
Short Film (2-3 mins), short film storyboards...

Subcategory - Creative Writing
Short stories, poems, comic book extracts...

Subcategory - Global Studies
A podcast, poster, 2-3 minute video, a short essay, or a photograph with a short (~150 word) annotation on how you see the world/how it should be/any global issue you are passionate about...

Subcategory - Culture & Heritage
Design a historic walk through your suburb/curate an online exhibition of favourite artworks/video interview of older folk in your family or town/website with their life stories and pictures....


Subcategory - Industrial Design
Product design, furniture design, vehicle design... consider how you could make it sustainable.

Subcategory - Interaction Design
Interactive digital product design, system design, web design, mobile web design, tangible/physical interface design, IoT/WoT based interactive product/system....

Subcategory - Visual Communication Design
Poster, brochure, card, street-art/paste-up/mural, typographic illustration, logo artwork, animated graphics or signage.

Built environment

Subcategory - Architecture
Original photograph or visual representation of building designs, drawings, concepts, models...

Subcategory - Interior Architecture
Original photograph or visual representation of a spatial design proposition exploring a typology of space: exhibition and display, shopfront or commercial, hospitality, meeting or gathering space, etc.

Subcategory - Landscape Design
Original photograph or visual representation of commercial/residential/environmental landscape design, streets, boulevards, gardens, parks, playgrounds...

Subcategory - Building and Construction Management
Original photograph or visual representation of a bridge or a construction site, a process or a product.

Communication and media

Subcategory - Journalism/Sports Media
Examples of non-fiction story-telling such as feature stories, profiles, essays, personal experiences, videos, blog posts, photography, podcasts.

Subcategory - Marketing Communication/Corporate and Public Communication
Brand or marketing communication project/idea, brief report explaining a public relations idea or project, or a media release or any piece of promotional creative e.g. poster, flyer, infographic, series of social media posts with visuals, etc.