By Teri Lim

Visual Communication Design
Dickson College - Year 11
'Koi Fish: Continuity Is Power' is a design inspired by the myths behind koi fish and how they persevered against the river currents to emerge before the gods and be rewarded by being transformed into dragons - thus they represent perseverance and determination in a positive light. This design represents this through a familiar yin-yang arrangement of a kohaku (red) and kawarimono (black) koi symbolising harmony and unison. To further express the concept of 'continuity' a few lotus flowers sit beside the koi; the unique flower's ability to flourish in muddy water represents its determination. This design is topped off with calligraphic text which reads 'Continuity Is Power' in Japanese (the red stamp is a signature of my last name in Chinese: Lin (forest)).

The overall arrangement and style of this design intends to be transitional between traditional and contemporary. With its paper-like textures and brush-like strokes that contrast with its purposeful but harmonious colour palette, this design through-on-through signifies such of balance and stability.

This design was originally created to be the back design of a custom shirt print. It printed out pretty nicely! (Thanks Tee Junction)

Have a nice day :)

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