The Sorrow That Follows

By Alessia D'Aquino

Creative Writing
Marian Catholic College - Year 11
‘The Sorrow That Follows’ explores the vast impacts and implications that change can incur within an individual. The short story of a girl, Valencia, and her revered brother highlights the conflicting emotions impacted by death, and how one must learn to move forward despite the significant challenges. The first-person perspective allows for a more impactful insight into the story, enabling the audience to perceive the influence and effects that change can cause.  Change can be found within everyday life; sometimes minor insignificant notions, and sometimes substantial impactful events. Sometimes it is long-lasting, leaving one to question how considerably different life will be. Hence, I wrote this piece based upon my own experiences of change, inspired by a significant occurring event at the time - My brother, who was always ten steps down the hallway from me, was now four hours away. Struggling to grapple with this, I turned my emotions into words, capturing my feelings within the persona of my narrative.