By Tiana Wright

Visual Communication Design
Merici College - Year 11
Often we find ourselves in situations where we need to step out of our comfort zone, whether it be meeting new people, applying for a job or even a scholarship. We've all felt a sense of hesitance and fear in perusing a new challenge. Sometimes these emotions can feel smothering as if they bind you so where you stand, feeding doubt and untruthful perceptions of reality to your mind. Many times, this prevents a person from even attempting a new challenge.  Perception depicts the prevail over these feelings. Through overcoming our fears and hesitance we can see our reality for what it is. The eye's symbolic of wisdom and all- knowingness, the hand which holds it, is bathed in light as it reaches above the array of hands that attempt to grasp and smother it. This is reflective of the smothering and binding nature of the feelings of fear and anxiety. The image shows that seeing past one's emotions requires perseverance and strength.