To Build a Home

By Octavia Coleman

Creative Writing
Mater Dei Catholic College - Year 12
There was a river that separated the gorge and Victoria. It was coloured with an unexplainable shade - not brown and not yellow, but if pure gold were liquid and could raise a cream. By nature the body of water inhabited a sort of veiled and brooding aggression, rushing over the grooves of the bed with an urgency that resembled that of the Snowy employees; tireless, purposeful, with the slight lean indicative of a labourer's career. Each relentless heft of water encouraged a mist to spray up in the air, but that was the extent of its brutality. It did not erode the developing towns or farmland which took homage on the bank. That force was entirely reserved to its pursuit of open water, which could be found in the ocean that occupied the east...