Nora's Quilts

By Thomas Gray

Creative Writing
St Johns College, Dubbo - Year 12
Nora’s Quilts is my submission of my Extension II English Major Work for 2021. It is, in essence, a fictionalised memoir that seeks to explore the way other people’s perceptions of us contribute to our own identity. We truly are not only made up of who we think we are; but who others think we are too. The memoir is made up of a collection of vignettes that retell Nora’s story. For myself, the story has been immensely personal- I have learnt a whole new history of my family, discovered a sense of self I didn’t know I had, and memorialised and lamented my Great Grandmother in a way that is indescribable. As a student, the piece has helped me investigate the tropes and conventions of the form; expand them in beautiful fragments of memory; and has ultimately developed my style as a writer.