Compact Study Desk

By Najmeh Khedri

Industrial Design
Wagga Wagga High School - Year 12
For my Design & Technology major design project, I designed a compact study desk. My major design project was about solving an existing problem. The problem I found was that I have a small room, I have lots of books that I do not have storage spaces for, and my current study desk is small that is not useful for long hours of studying. I solved this problem by creating a bookshelf with an extended shelf as the desk that folds down to save space whenever I am not studying and it can be used as a bookshelf in my room, and I can simply unfold the desk to study. The desk I have created has a modern and natural style that also matches my room decor. My desk has a balancing contrast between white and a natural oiled timber look. To give my desk a modern look, I installed LED light strips along the sides of the bookshelf. I believe my desk is durable, multifunctional, and has enough storage spaces to store all my books, binders and stationery supplies.