Ocean Eye

By Zara Salman

Visual Communication Design
Dickson College - Year 12
This is a painting of an eye on a pebble that I had created in Year 10 for an art exhibition (which you can tell from the second image attached). The purpose of having the painting on the pebble is to contradict the quote, “the eyes are the windows to your soul” (William Shakespeare). You can only tell so much from someone’s eyes when their emotions are but a piece of who they are, just as a pebble is a fragment of a larger rock. Out of all the eyes I could have painted, I chose to go with the blue ocean-like colour. The ocean is mainly blue as water filters out the warmer colours in the spectrum leaving for only the blues and greens to be seen. Similarly, emotions are manipulated in this way too. This also links to the reason for painting mascara and blue eyeshadow around the eye, as makeup is used for concealing and enhancing our image to those around us, as well as to ourselves. Emotions are treated in the same way.