By Krishna Yarella Martinez

Visual Communication Design
UC Canberra - Year 12
This design was designed in the illustrator app, with a family's request to give their father a gift 'For Father's Day.' The family didn't have any photos where they were together, so I create the design with separate photos of each person. My intention in this design was to capture every emotion of each person to give a happier environment to the image. I trace each image with tools from this app, then I create a smile for them, and then put them together. The hobby of the father of that family was to spend time in the garden with his plants. That's why I asked them for an image of the courtyard with the plants to put as the background. I traced the image automatically to give the background more nature.

The purpose of this design was to create a happy and familiar environment with the expressions of each of these people. But the purpose was also to create the fund with the father's favorited hobby, to make it understood that the gift is for Father's Day.