F1 C02 Powered car

By Vineth Gunaratne

Industrial Design
Narrabundah College - Year 12
For this project I created three prototypes which were an improvement upon the other in terms of aerodynamics (drag coefficient/drag force). The First design while having a unique and interesting design, did indeed struggle to have a smooth and even wind flow as the front wing of the car acted as a kind of barrier for the wind. Then for my second prototype I added a more shallow front wing which dramatically increased the drag coefficient of the car but I believe that it could be better, so I also ended up changing the rear wing of the car as well, making it thinner and giving it a slight downwards angle to reduce the drag resistance caused by the wind flow when the car was in motion. For my final design I decided to go with a open end front wheel design which dramatically reduced the coefficient bringing it all the way down to 0.24 and also reduced the drag force bringing it down to 0.184(N).