Air Pollution and Obesity

By Jin Jang

Global Studies
Dickson College - Year 12
This is a part of my school project for Beginning Chinese.  This poster addresses one of the most critical environmental issues, air pollution, with a creative aspect unveiling the interaction between air pollution and obesity. The poster particularly focuses on the primary type of air pollution referred to as particulate matter (PM).  According to recent research, it was revealed that even if faced with the same amount of PM, people suffering from obesity are more endangered. For instance, if obese people are consistently exposed to air pollution, respiratory mechanics and high blood pressure are more likely to occur.  This poster was an assignment submitted for Beginning Chinese, so to convey the relationship between obesity and PM with Chinese elements, I used an image of a sculpture of a beautiful woman from the Tang Dynasty because they were supposed to be voluptuous. Then I filled the blood vessels of the sculpture that are highly affected by air pollution with how harmful PM is in Chinese. Again, tracing paper and carbon paper were utilised. The slogan of the poster states that ‘consuming PM is more dangerous to people with obesity