Tim Lynch, Colin Haining

Tim Lynch, Colin Haining
Founders, Inklab

Bachelor of Graphic Design

As the game changers and rule breakers shaping Canberra’s aesthetic, UC grads Tim Lynch and Colin Haining don’t believe in doing things by the book. Since opening Inklab Creative Agency in 2009, the two young guns have been driven by the desire to create great work, exactly the way they want.

Tim and Colin met while studying a Bachelor of Graphic Design at UC, and their uni friendship easily transitioned into a fulfilling working partnership. ‘We share a love of design and making things better. After graduating UC and opening Inklab, our business has grown every year in both size and the quality of our work.’

By shaping a work culture that fuses passion, talent and thoughtfulness, Tim and Colin help their team bring their clients’ vision to life with equal measures of electric creativity and careful consideration. ‘We have high standards and we’re constantly pushing ourselves to produce better projects. The best part of our job is putting work into the world that we’re proud of, and that helps our clients achieve their goals.’

When it comes to advice for incoming UC students, Tim and Colin shoot straight from the hip. ‘Don’t look for shortcuts—there aren’t any. Be generous with your time and always seek to make things better.’

‘Get as much real-life experience as you can. If your friend asks you to design their band’s poster, make it the best poster they’ve ever seen. Find a mentor and annoy them with as many questions as they can tolerate.’

‘This career is hard work, but it’s worth it.’


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