Syed Umer Rizvi
“I went to the first interview and got the job straight away.”


Since graduating in 2012 with his Master of Information Technology and Systems, Syed Umer Rizvi has put his UC education to the test. Hired right out of the gate, Syed Umer now works as a Support Team Manager for HRMWEB. Syed Umer configures automated systems for new clients and maintains and tests existing clients' systems. Syed Umer also creates new and innovative automated business solutions to enable clients to optimise workforce resources, save time and money, and increase accuracy. Syed Umer credits his work ethic and his UC education as factors that helped him easily get the job. "I went to the first interview and got the job straight away," he says.

Now that he has a few years of experience under his belt, Syed Umer is looking forward to new endeavors in life and is considering going back to school to earn his PhD. Despite his success, Syed Umer remains grounded. "Success has no universal definition and it varies from person to person and scenarios. The best thing to do in life is to be grateful and happy about what we have. This makes our present beautiful," he says.

Although his days as a student at UC are over, Syed Umer still remembers his time there fondly, specifically citing the table tennis area, the cafeteria, the library, and Building 11 as a few of his favorite locations on campus. "We all know that working hard is the key to success in life, but try to enjoy what you do at university," Syed Umer says.


Information Technology