Shariful Khan

Shariful Khan
“UC was so welcoming to international students like myself”


Some students move on from university fairly quickly, while others, like 1999 graduate Shariful Khan, continue to give back years later. Shariful is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Professional Network (TPNL), an international education advising agency. Shariful and TPNL promote UC and hundreds of other international institutes to prospective students. Shariful is deeply involved in education consulting and advising, recruitment and relocation, and study abroad programs. Since starting TPNL, Shariful has helped place over 3,000 students into higher education programs.

"I owe a lot to UC for what it taught me during my days as a student there," Shariful says. "As I promote universities to international students, I thank UC for giving me the foundation and confidence I needed."

In addition to his UC degree, Shariful also holds Associate of Business Administration and a Diploma of Engineering. Not only has Shariful given back to the educational community by founding TPNL, Shariful is also the founder and General Secretary of Australian Education Agents' Association of Bangladesh. He is also a member of the NAFSA Association of International Educators. Shariful is the first Bangladeshi educational consultant to have passed the "Qualified Education Agent Counsellor" training, and also the 2nd education consultant in the world to have passed the ICEF Agent training.

"Every day at UC was special. Walking to and from classes, meeting friends and fellow students, those nice teachers and amazing people in the international office - everything was so great," Shariful fondly remembers.

It's always a special treat to see UC alumni going on to become advocates for education. We at UC are thankful for everything Shariful is doing for UC's future.

Shariful was appointed as a UC Alumni Representative for the Bangladesh region in 2014.


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