Peter Frederick Curwen
“UC gave me the education to embark on a 10 year science career”


Since graduating from UC in 2002 with his Bachelor of Science, Peter Frederick Curwen has been bettering the world of medicine through research and development. Beginning his career with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Peter tested vaccines for effectiveness and safety, ensuring they were ready for children and adults in Australia. Later, he started an expansive career as a research and lab technician, working for Canterbury Health Laboratories, John Curtin School of Medical Research at the Australian National University, and Nutristasis Laboratory in London. "UC gave me the education to be able to embark on a 10 year science career," Peter says. "My bachelor's degree gave me broad knowledge base to allow me to work in more specific roles within the pathology and research environments."

Peter was also a research scientist at CSL, operating pre-clinical testing of innovative anti-inflammatory molecules and antibodies. Peter's work at CSL contributed to a new invention patent that has been filed with the FDA in the USA. In 2008, Peter took his education a step further, earning a Graduate Certificate in Pharmaceutical Science from the University of Queensland.

After a fulfilling career in the world of science, Peter made a dramatic career change by joining the South Australian Police as a Probationary Constable. Despite the career move, Peter credits his education and experience from UC with helping him get through the rigorous demands of the police academy.

Although it's been over a decade since graduating, Peter's fondness for UC remains. "Uni life was very busy, between study, contact hours, and casual work to survive, but it was one of the most exciting times of my life. I really loved my UC experience, and I made lifelong friends."