Nicola Caygill
Revolutionising the way the world travels


Since 1998, Nicola Caygill has held onto her passion – travel and tourism. While the world may be huge, it is easily travelled, and Nicola has made it her personal mission to take avid adventurers like herself on trips they'll never forget.

Graduating from UC in 2003 with a Bachelor of Tourism Management, Nicola became a nationally accredited tourism trainer. She was involved in several successful tourism and event planning institutions, such as teaching tourism management at Bridge Business College and becoming the Business Development Executive at several world-renowned tourism companies, like Quark Expeditions, Orion Expeditions, and Travelforce.

In 2013, Nicola embarked on her most ambitious adventure yet by founding Micro-Cruising, a revolutionary way to match travellers with the perfect small-ship cruises. Nicola spotted an emerging trend in the cruise industry where people wanted smaller, more intimate experiences when sailing through exotic destinations. Micro-Cruising gives travellers a chance to beat the crowds with cruises of 100 people or less. In such a short time, Micro-Cruising has become the premier travel agency for those looking for a unique cruise experience.

In addition to her UC degree, Nicola holds a Masters in Tourism from Oxford Brookes University.

Nicola continues to remain close with her UC roots, "My time at UC contributed to my professional achievements by setting me up for a career in the travel industry," Nicola says. "At UC, I found a supportive student society with students from all around the world."

Nicola was appointed as the UC Alumni Representative for the Sydney region in 2014.